Summer vegetables at your local farm

I stopped on Saturday after an inspection to see what was up at Sugartown Strawberries farm on Sugartown Road. It was the first day they were selling their local corn, tomatoes and peppers. They also had local honey from the bees on their farm site.

I also bought a pint of Valentine Tomatoes, a grape tomato variety that is very high in lycopene and developed by agronomists art Penn State. Lycopene is an antioxidant and may have health benefits. I ate most of them like candy on my way home.

The beefsteak tomatoes looked great and I will be making a tomato salad for dinner with them tonight. The corn my wife and I had grilled the day we brought it home, just olive oil and salt, the kernels were plumb and sweet, I recommend cooking the corn the same day it is picked for the best flavor and sweetness.

There were also sunflowers and I was told to check for several more varieties of peppers and tomatoes in a few weeks as well as summer squash.

If you appreciate fresh locally grown produce Sugartown Strawberry Farm is a must?