Benefits of hiring a professional for your new construction inspection in Phoenixville

new construction inspection

Power of a new construction inspection

Starting a new construction project in Phoenixville is an exciting step toward building the home of your dreams. But in all of the excitement and preparation, it’s imperative to pay close attention to the crucial necessity of a thorough building inspection. When it comes to a new construction project, hiring competent inspection services like Batten to Beam can make all the difference between a mind bogged down with worries and a lifestyle filled with happiness.

This blog explores the invaluable advantages of hiring professional inspectors for your new building inspection in Phoenixville. 

Advantages of conducting a professional new construction inspection in Phoenixville

Attention to details 

Engaging a specialist for your new construction inspection entails utilizing their extensive knowledge and experience. Property inspectors are well-versed in industry best practices, construction rules, and regulations and will make sure no detail is overlooked. They know where to look and what to look for.

Accurate detection of issues 

Property inspection professionals will scrutinize several key periods, the pre-drywall and the final pre-settlement inspections. The Pre-drywall Inspection is important because it is the last chance to make sure the components are properly installed before the walls are enclosed. When doing the Pre-Drywall construction I can determine if there is an excessive risk of air leakage, that the electrical and plumbing rough-ins are properly installed and that they are protected from fasteners and if fire safety features like proper fire stops are properly installed. 

Often it is the last chance to inspect the interior foundation when you are buying a home with a finished basement and you will know if your new building project, from the foundation inspection to the roof and everything in between is going to provide you years of trouble-free ownership. Spotting issues before the drywall is installed allows you and your builder to take care of possible problems early on so you can take care of them before they become more serious, expensive difficulties later on. 

Another value of having your Pre-Drywall Inspection completed by Batten To Beam Inspections, LLC, is that I will provide 360-degree photos of each room or area, so that if several years down the road you want to tackle a construction project, your contractor will have visual evidence of where components are located inside your walls.

Guidance on compliances 

Building laws and guidelines can be intricate and dynamic. With property inspection services, you can be confident that your new construction project will comply with all applicable codes and standards. 

Peace of mind

Building a new house or business requires a large emotional and financial commitment. You will feel secure knowing that your building project is in capable hands when you get professional inspection services. With the knowledge that any possible problems have been found and fixed, you can move forward feeling relaxed.

Save time and money

In the long run, engaging a professional inspector can save you money and time, despite some people viewing it as an extra expense. Early problem detection can help you avoid expensive repairs or building delays later on. Extensive inspections also facilitate the smooth progression of the construction process and guarantee that everything is completed on time and within budget.

Contact Batten to Beam for professional new construction inspections in Phoenixville

At Batten to Beam, I come with a track record of guiding property purchasers and sellers to their dream projects, in a way that ensures optimal outcomes and maximal peace of mind. Our vastly experienced property inspector comes with high-caliber industry experience and knowledge and assures you of an inspection experience that covers every detail – from damages and concerns to rules and compliances, and more. 
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