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Home, Multi-Family, New construction & Commercial Inspection Serving Philadelphia, Delaware county, Chester County, Montgomery County & New castle County Delaware


BATTEN TO BEAM INSPECTIONS, and your Inspector Richard Graff provide a complete offering of Home, New Construction & Commercial Inspections, and services, for Home Buyers, Sellers, Investors and Realtors.

Richard Graff is an ASHI Certified and Licensed Home Inspector practicing in Pennsylvania & Delaware. Additional licensing and certifications include: WDI/termite Inspections, Radon Testing, Sewer Lateral Video Inspection, Lead Dust Testing, Testing Municipal Water for Lead, Mold Testing (air sampling and swabbing), Well Inspection, including flow rate and well water quality testing, Drone Operator and Residential Thermographer.

What Can You Expect

Each Inspection includes a Visual review of all accessible areas of the property for installation deficiencies, damage and safety or environmental hazards.

Richard’s first option is physical entry of all areas, however, in some cases that may not be possible and he will inspect features such as the roof or crawlspace with specialized equipment. Richard is an FAA certified drone operator and provides a safe experience for the property and anyone on site while using aerial drones and inspection crawlbots.

“What Will Be inspected”

The major structural systems of the home are evaluated, including; the exterior, foundation, framing and roof. Systems such as electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling are operated and checked for age, condition and issues that are repair or replacement opportunities.

Particulier attention is given to the electrical and plumbing systems, they are checked and tested for safety hazards and leaks. The use of thermal equipment and moisture meter technology helps identify moisture issues not visible to the naked eye, while advanced testing equipment helps find hidden deficiencies such as “Bootleg” grounds in older homes.

Prompt reporting, I do not overbook appointments as my goal is to provide your report within 24-48 hours after the completion of the inspection. If you are working with a tight time frame, let me know ahead of time, as I may be able to accommodate your needs.

I do not provide onsite reports as that relies on pre-written general comments that may not provide specifics about your home. I research issues for current information and modify or add to comments to reflect your property while striving to provide an accurate and complete picture of the property so that you may trust the report and rely on the information provided.

Issues Found In Our Homes

What About Environmental Hazards

Richard is a certified radon tester with the State of Pennsylvania and will personally take care of radon testing your home when requested. Other environmental hazards such as building materials that contain

asbestos or lead, and biological hazards such as mold are always a concern for the home buyer, particularly if small children are involved. Building materials that have or may have a high degree of these issues will be identified and noted in your report so that “remediation” or “encapsulation” can be considered. In cases of biological issues, the source of moisture will be identified and corrective actions noted.

In most cases, identifying the likely materials will indicate the necessary corrective action, in other cases such as if allergies to biological hazards are an issue, mold testing may be in order. Batten To beam Inspections, LLC is certified to complete your mold testing, lead dust testing and lead in water testing needs so you have the information needed to make a sound decision.

The Inspection Report

Your inspection report includes pictures, videos, diagrams, explanations and links to information that will help you understand the report and your home. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded as PDF files and printed.

Clear explanations and insight, homes are complicated structures and every home has things that require repair or are worn out and need replacement. My goal as your inspector is to identify major issues that you are not aware of that may have significant monetary costs as well as provide a general list of the items you will want to budget for repair or replacement as a responsible homeowner.

Modern Technology and Methods are used with every inspection, I will use moisture detection meters, infrared thermal cameras, drones and gas detection devices if needed during your inspection.


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