Can Home Inspectors Make Repairs or Recommend Contractors?

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Insights on Repairs and Contractor Recommendations

Home inspectors typically do not make repairs or perform any work on the properties they inspect. Their primary role is to assess and report on the condition of a home or property. They are hired to provide an objective evaluation of a property’s structural and mechanical systems, identifying any issues or defects that may need attention.

Why Home Inspectors Don’t Make Repairs

Maintaining Objectivity: 

Objectivity is the top priority for home inspectors. There might be a conflict of interest if they were also responsible for fixing things, which could affect the objectivity of their inspection results.

Code of Ethics: 

Strict adherence to a code of ethics prevents professional house inspectors from doing repairs on properties they have inspected. Transparency and honesty in the inspection process are guaranteed by this ethical framework.

Empowering Homeowners with Information

If a home inspector were to make repairs or perform work on a property they’ve inspected, it could create a conflict of interest, as they may have a financial incentive to find problems that require repairs. This could compromise the integrity of their inspection.

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Many S.O.P.S or ethical standards may allow a home inspector to make repairs to a property if it has been a year or more since the property was inspected by them. This is also only if the inspector provides this service as a separate business entity, I am often asked this question and I will decline because I only do repairs for my own properties or family members, I do not have a separate contractor company. I also do not want there to be any question about the content of my inspection reports, if I offered repairs, my findings could be suspect as having an ulterior motive. This is why for example, in Pennsylvania, the state DEP does not allow radon mitigators contractors to perform testing on properties they do radon mitigation, it must be done by an independent inspector.

However, it’s common for home inspectors to provide recommendations or referrals to licensed contractors or specialists if they identify issues during their inspection. They can suggest that the homebuyer or homeowner hire a qualified professional to address any problems or perform necessary repairs. These recommendations are typically made in the inspection report, and the client can choose whether to act on them. Some inspectors may decline to provide references because they worry about how the contractor may perform and effect their reputation or that there may be worried that the contractor compensates the home inspector for the referral. This is a worry in any industry and at Batten To Beam Inspections, LLC, I will only recommend contractors I have personally used or that have had positive feedback from my clients.

Choosing Batten to Beam as your home inspector  

In conclusion, house inspectors usually don’t perform repairs themselves, but if problems are discovered during the inspection, they could recommend clients to licensed contractors or experts.

This keeps the inspection process impartial and helps to preserve objectivity. Customers can confidently navigate the inspection process and arm themselves with the knowledge they need to make their house journey successful by being aware of the restrictions of what home inspectors can and cannot accomplish. Our suite of inspections, ranging from WDI termite assessments and radon testing to meticulous new construction inspections, ensures that every aspect from batten to beam is thoroughly explored. Contact us today, and let Batten to Beam illuminate the path toward a thorough, insightful, and transformative exploration of your property.

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