Common pitfalls in new construction: Why inspections are vital in Newtown Square, PA

New construction inspection

Unveiling the importance of new construction inspections 

Inspecting new construction in Newtown Square, PA, or any other location, is crucial to ensure that the building meets safety standards, local building codes, and the specifications outlined in the construction plans. There are different components for new construction inspection of a house, which start with the property plans and building permits. The builder will submit the plans and request permits from the local city or township responsible for new home construction at your location. 

Your builder has their own Foreman and quality control steps and when they are ready at various stages of construction, they request an inspection from the local code inspector to verify that the work was completed properly so that they can proceed with the next phase. 

These various permits will include the foundation, structure, mechanicals, roof, electrical, and plumbing as well as other systems. Where an inspection by Batten To Beam Inspection LLC, comes in, to help you verify that what has been done was completed properly. Code inspectors make mistakes and, in some cases, they may rush through the process and rubber stamp a project because of time constraints. 

Ideally, you will contact an inspection company like Batten To Beam Inspections, LLC prior to the drywall installation and have a Pre-Drywall Inspection” completed. I will document the work at this point and make sure it is ready for drywall. An additional service I include at this point is taking 360-degree photos of each room, this provides documentation for your future use and will help a contractor identify where mechanicals are installed behind the drywall. 

360 degree photos

Along with the pre-drywall inspection, there are pre-settlement inspections and 1-year warranty inspections. The pre-settlement inspection is just like any home inspection, it is a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of the home in a non-invasive manner. The 1-year warranty inspection takes things one step further and helps you put together an official document for the builder to complete repairs of items that would fall under the Pennsylvania 1 year warranty requirement for new construction.

Common pitfalls in new construction that make inspections vital include:

New construction inspection

1. Code Compliance:

Failure to comply with local building codes can lead to unsafe structures and legal issues. Inspections help verify that the construction adheres to these codes, covering aspects such as structural integrity, electrical wiring, plumbing, and fire safety.

2. Structural Issues:

Construction errors or substandard materials can compromise the structural integrity of a building. Inspections identify issues such as poor foundation work, inadequate framing, or faulty roofing, preventing potential hazards.

3. Electrical and Plumbing Problems:

Incomplete or improperly installed electrical and plumbing systems can pose serious risks. Inspections check for compliance with safety standards and ensure that these critical systems are functioning correctly.

4. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Systems:

Inadequate or faulty HVAC systems can result in discomfort for occupants and increased energy costs. Inspections verify that the heating and cooling systems are installed correctly and meet efficiency standards.

5. Fire Safety:

Inspections assess the implementation of fire safety measures, including the proper installation of fire-resistant materials, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems. Non-compliance can put lives at risk in the event of a fire.

6. Insufficient Insulation and Energy Efficiency:

Poor insulation and energy efficiency can lead to increased utility costs and discomfort for occupants. Inspections ensure that insulation is installed correctly and that the building meets energy efficiency standards.

7. Water Damage and Moisture Issues:

Improper waterproofing and drainage can result in water damage and mold growth. Inspections identify potential issues, preventing long-term damage and the associated health hazards.

8. Accessibility Concerns:

Failure to comply with accessibility standards can lead to legal issues and limit the usability of the building. Inspections check for features such as ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms to ensure compliance with accessibility requirements.

9. Quality of Workmanship:

Inspections assess the overall quality of workmanship, ensuring that construction is completed to a high standard. This includes checking for proper finishing, accurate measurements, and attention to detail.

10. Documentation and Permits:

Inspections help confirm that all necessary permits are obtained and that the construction aligns with the approved plans. Lack of proper documentation can lead to delays and legal complications.

Crucial Role of Inspections in New Construction with Batten to Beam

In summary, inspections play a vital role in identifying and rectifying potential issues in new construction projects. They serve to protect the safety and well-being of occupants, ensure compliance with regulations, and safeguard the investment made in the construction process. Choosing Batten to Beam LLC for your New Construction Inspection in Newtown Square, PA is not just a decision; it’s a commitment to excellence. Take the next step with confidence. Batten to Beam LLC also provides other services like radon testing, sewer lateral camera inspections, WDI inspections, and many more. If you are located in Newtown Square, West Chester, Phoenixvile or nearby areas contact Batten to Beam LLC at +1 484-573-7194 to schedule your New Construction Inspection.

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