Do I need to be present at the home inspection and why it is important

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Should the Buyer be present for the Home Inspection?

Being present at a home inspection is generally recommended for buyers as it offers several benefits. When I book a new client’s home inspection with Batten To Beam Inspections, LLC, I encourage your participation.

Reasons a buyer should consider being present during the home inspection:

First-hand understanding:

Being present allows the buyer to see the condition of the property directly and gain a better understanding of its current state. This can help in making informed decisions during negotiations and future planning. Because the home inspection report is a legal document, wording sometimes is not immediately understood by the average homeowner. I will discuss what will be in the report and explain it in simpler terms so there is less misunderstanding once the report is received and reviewed.

Ask questions:

Buyers can ask me as many questions as they can’t think of about any concerns or issues they notice during the inspection. The inspection is for you, not for my benefit and I don’t want to finish up the inspection unless you have your questions answered and understand its condition. I will also provide valuable insights and suggestions for maintenance or repairs.

Learn about the property:

Attending the inspection allows the buyer to familiarize themselves with the property’s systems and components, such as the HVAC system, electrical panel, plumbing, and more. Understanding how these systems work can be useful for future maintenance.

Discover potential issues:

While a written report will be provided after the inspection, being present allows buyers to see potential issues in real time. This firsthand experience can give them a clearer picture of the property’s condition.

Negotiation leverage:

If the inspection uncovers significant issues, the buyer may use this information as leverage in negotiations with the seller to address the problems or adjust the sale price.

Building a relationship with the inspector: 

Meeting the home inspector in person allows the buyer to gauge their expertise and professionalism, ensuring they have hired a competent inspector.

While it’s generally recommended for buyers to be present during the home inspection

Acceptable reasons for not being able to attend:


If the buyer is located far away from the property and it’s not feasible to be present in person, they can opt for a video call or ask their real estate agent to attend on their behalf. I have done many inspections with a FaceTime video call afterward to walk the property and discuss the significant issues with my clients.

Scheduling conflicts: 

In some cases, the inspection date might clash with prior commitments or travel plans, making it challenging for the buyer to attend.

Trust in the agent:

If the buyer has complete trust in their real estate agent and the agent has experience with home inspections, they might feel comfortable relying on their agent’s judgment and the written inspection report.

Regardless of the reasons for not being present, the buyer should communicate their situation to their real estate agent and the home inspector in advance. The agent can coordinate the inspection and ensure that the buyer receives the inspection report and any important information afterward. It’s important for the buyer to review the report thoroughly and address any concerns promptly to move forward with the buying process.

Why Choose Batten to Beam LLC for your home inspection?

Also, follow up with your inspector is important. I welcome phone calls +1 484-573-7194, texts, and emails while you are negotiating with the seller through the inspection period. Another value-added service provided by Batten To Beam Inspections, LLC is a complimentary re-inspection in order to review and verify any repairs the seller agrees to perform on your behalf that you are not comfortable determining if they were completed. This is done prior to settlement and gives you added peace of mind as you head to the settlement table.

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