Importance of Termite Inspections in Newtown Square, PA

importance of termite inspection

Why Termite Inspections is Necessary & its Benefits

When I am discussing a home inspection with my clients, termite Inspections (specifically termed wood destroying insect or WDI inspection in Pennsylvania) are usually the primary addon service requested. In many cases it may be a requirement of the mortgage company, as VHA and certain FHA or specialized mortgage programs will require a termite inspection. There typically is no requirement to conduct termite inspections with conventional mortgage programs and cash transactions.  In these cases, as the buyer, you should consider WDI or termite inspections to protect yourself from potentially costly treatment and repairs. In some cases. I am often told by buyers that they do not need a termite inspection. Because a previous one was already done, the important thing to understand about this, is that the report is no longer valid for securing a mortgage and/or settlement transfer if not used within 90 days. See the below image for reference.

This is due to the fluidity of termite activity, it may come and go due to weather conditions, and just because the home exhibited no visible activity one day doesn’t mean it won’t start up on another day.

The termite queen lives in a nest in the ground and worker termites are sent out to forage for food, in other words the wood in our homes. Sometimes you may have an indication they are infesting the home if visible shelter tubes are noted on masonry surfaces because they dry out and die when exposed to air.

Termite mud tubes on a concrete wall, the tunnels are used to connect the colony to a wood food source

The Real Estate Sales Contract in Pennsylvania has a special provision (Section 12) for Wood Infestation Contingency. You may elect to waive this inspection or elect to have it done by a qualified pests pesticide applicator. By waiving this inspection, you “release the seller, all brokers, their licensees, employees and any officers or partner, person, firm or corporation from all claims, losses or demands”. The cost to hire a termite exterminator may cost $1,500.00 or more, add repair costs due to damages and you could easily exceed $2,500.00- $5,000.00 in total costs to remediate and repair any issues. With the home inspection report disclaiming the termite inspection, that leaves you holding the bag for the costs of treatment and repairs. 

The Home Inspection Report, disclaims the inspection of pests in their home inspection report, including Wood destroying Insects (termites, beetles, carpenter ants & bees). This a liability concern because they may not be certified to conduct WDI or Termite Inspections, or if you choose to not pay for the WDI or termite inspection, they will want to re-enforce that the home inspection does not include this type of inspection.

The wood door with termites damage

For example, I will not specifically mention the presence of specific termites or other wood destroying insects since I am not officially wearing my termite inspector “hat”. I will comment on damages I see from wood destroying insect activity and recommend repairs to the affected area while recommending further investigation of potential water intrusion issues and recommend having a WDI or termite inspection to determine if there is a reason to have treatment done.

The important take away is that you as the buyer, will be liable personally for the costs to treat and repair any issues encountered when waiving termite inspections. Understanding your rights and liability issues will help you make sound financial decisions.

Choosing Batten to beam for the Termite inspections

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