Preserving the past: WDI termite inspections for historic homes

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Safeguarding heritage structures for future generations

Some residences are made not merely of bricks and stone but of a timeless blend of culture and legacy. These houses are a tribute to the uniqueness, moments, and lifestyles of bygone times, in every aspect of their architectural intricacies. Termite infestations are one of the greatest threats to the continuum of heritage structures around us. At Batten to Beam, we recognize how critical it is to protect the glory of our past for the enlightenment of future generations. Here’s a blog that discusses the advantages of WDI (wood-destroying insect) termite inspections for historic properties.

Benefits of WDI termite inspections

wdi termite inspection

Accurate status assessments 

Batten to Beam is committed to giving its clients comprehensive and accurate assessments of the state of their historic properties. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that their prized historic properties are in good hands when they work with us for WDI termite inspections.

Tailored treatment strategy 

Historic homes built using materials and techniques that are no longer in use today, require a specialized kind of inspection. Batten to Beam is skilled in identifying the minute indicators of termite activity in old buildings, like crumbling or damaged wood surfaces, hollow-sounding wood, and mud tubes. With the use of cutting-edge tools and inspection methods, we precisely determine whether termites are present and create a focused treatment strategy to successfully eliminate them.

Detect potential risks 

Historic homes usually comprise materials like wood beams, framing, and flooring that are especially vulnerable to termite attack. Termite infestations left undetected, will eventually degrade these structures one part at a time, eventually eroding the structural integrity of the entire building. With WDI termite inspections, Batten to Beam preemptively detects potential issues before they turn into structure-eroding problems in the near future. Our experts recommend measures to contain these potential risks, saving you the cost as well as the pain of seeing future damages to your historic home. 

Proper heritage preservation 

Historic homes are living antiques that convey the history and culture of their era through their structures. These houses need to be preserved in order to protect our cultural legacy from vanishing with the progress of time.  Through its professional WDI termite inspections, Batten to Beam ensures historic properties continue staying structurally sound for the amazement of future generations. 

Choose Batten to Beam for reliable WDI termite inspections

Historic homes are enduring monuments of skill and cultural legacy amidst our continually evolving communities. At Batten to Beam, we understand the criticality of protecting these historic properties and offer tailored WDI termite inspections to safeguard the integrity and aesthetic appeal of historic homes. We’re also reputed for other services like radon testing, sewer lateral camera inspections, WDI inspections, and many more. 
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