What is the role of a sewer lateral video inspection in the home inspection process?

sewer lateral video inspections

A sewer lateral video inspection plays a crucial role in the home inspection process, especially when it comes to assessing the condition of the sewer lines and identifying potential issues. A home buyer is often told, “You don’t need a sewer inspection, it is an additional fee and you can buy insurance to cover you”. The thing about that is, depending on your insurance, preexisting conditions might not be covered and there may be a 60–90-day period before coverage begins. I have had clients who did not inspect their sewer lateral, purchased insurance and within a week of living in the home had major blockages with sewage backing up into their home. Their insurance declined payment of repairs because there was a 60-day exclusion, this is a risk with unoccupied, or rehabbed homes.

sewer lateral inspection

Older homes are a higher risk, due to the type of pipe and what happens to it over time, however even newer homes have risks, There may be ground soil settlement the first year or two that causes sagging in the pipe, which can cause belly’s in the pipe which silt in and require periodic cleaning, or worse, the sagging is severe enough to break the pipe or separate joints resulting in ground soil leaks.

Homeowners that are selling their homes are now being required in some, Delaware and Montgomery County townships to do a sewer lateral inspection to comply with the certification process. They will provide a list of plumbers, but in these cases, you may want to consider a certified home inspector as someone like myself at Batten To Beam Inspections, LLC will give an honest assessment and not indicate repairs that are not necessary.

Batten to Beam Inspections. LLC can perform a sewer video inspection with your home inspection and just like adding a termite inspection or radon testing, I discount the fee when I do it with the home inspection, saving you on your inspection fees.

Here are some key points highlighting the importance of a sewer lateral video inspection:

1. Detecting Blockages and Obstructions: 

The video inspection allows inspectors to visually inspect the interior of the sewer lateral for any blockages or obstructions. This can include tree roots, debris, or other materials that may impede the flow of wastewater.

sewer lateral inspection

2. Identifying Structural Issues: 

Inspectors can assess the structural integrity of the sewer lines using the video footage. Cracks, breaks, or misalignments in the pipes can be identified, providing crucial information about the overall condition of the sewer system.

3. Locating Leaks: 

Video inspections help in identifying leaks or potential points of water infiltration. This is important for preventing water damage and avoiding costly repairs in the future.

4. Assessing Pipe Material and Condition: 

The inspection provides information about the type of material used for the sewer pipes and their current condition. Different materials have varying lifespans, and understanding the condition helps in estimating the remaining useful life of the sewer system.

5. Planning for Maintenance and Repairs: 

Based on the findings from the video inspection, homeowners can develop a proactive maintenance plan or schedule necessary repairs. Early detection of issues can prevent more extensive damage and costly repairs later on.

6. Compliance with Local Regulations: 

Some municipalities may require sewer lateral video inspections as part of the real estate transaction process. Ensuring compliance with local regulations is essential for a smooth property transfer.

7. Negotiation in Real Estate Transactions: 

If issues are identified during the sewer lateral inspection, it provides an opportunity for negotiation between buyers and sellers. This information can be used to adjust the sale price or to negotiate repairs or replacements.

In summary, a sewer lateral video inspection is a valuable component of the home inspection process. It helps uncover hidden issues, assess the condition of the sewer lines, and allows for informed decision-making by both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. From blockages and leaks to tree root intrusion and structural damage, I provide homeowners with valuable insights that can help prevent costly repairs and mitigate future problems. Batten to Beam also offers other services like wdi termite inspection, radon testing, and more. Trust Batten to Beam LLC for all your sewer lateral video inspection needs, you can always call me at, +1 484-573-7194 to ask questions about this very necessary inspection process.